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An Old Tree

It is a poem which I wrote for a competition in which my younger brother participated. I am not sure but I think I would have been fifteen at that time.

An Old Tree

Far far before the birth of yours, There stands an old tree, Serving you for years and  that's all for free, What he asks to you is just little care, Oh! Please, give him that dear
His morrow begins with you and you climbing over his branches, playing hide and seek, cheers him up, I say, every child must water him a cup
In summer's hot afternoons, he sways over the sun protects you from those UV rays, which are bullets from the gun you shake him up to get fruit for you  and your friends, and soon you realize he is a store, that never ends
To keep you happy is his ultimate goal, Hey, I say he is a great grandpa to you all In lonely winter nights, to that cold darkness he tries to fight
And now you are trying to dupe him, trying to raze him out, Don't do that or I shout 
You rock hearts, you have pushed this beauty to hell, I'm tired of…

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