Every year when Diwali season approaches, some environmentalists promote the idea of giving up crackers on Diwali. This idea is then aggressively promoted on Social Media. Last year there was a survey which said that many other life forms like Birds, Cats etc. die on Diwali night due to smoke and shock and suggested to limit the usage of crackers. But Social Media instead of using the word limit , promoted the word give up. This is what social media do today – play with the emotions of millions of people….Continue Reading “You don’t need to Give Up crackers on this Diwali”


I don’t think anyone in India would be unaware of the term “Caste Reservation”.  Caste Reservation being a positive  discrimination does not violate Article – 14  of the Constitution of INDIA, which entitles Equality Before Law. Hence, many political parties and association of people are misusing it, for their own self-interests.   B.R. Ambedkar – Father of Indian constitution –  introduced reservation system to uplift socially backward sections of the society. Initially, it was proposed for 10 years and periodic reviews. But the target has not…Continue Reading “Caste based Reservation: How Successful is it?”


Feminism is not bad at all, it is good indeed. It is from this that today we have some successful women entrepreneur, actress, managers, public speaker, politician etc setting example for the world. This is what was the true aim of it. But in the course of time the picture of word “Feminism” has blurred to “Anti-Men” for some who misunderstood it. These feminist who don’t understand what feminism is and are just spreading “Anti-Men Feelings”. They see every men as a dog, which should…Continue Reading “Is Feminism Bad?”


I have seen many people who says that “Hindi is our national language”. Some people go beyond this and say that “Only Hindi is our national language.” Some even say that “English is not our language”.  I don’t blame them, I blame the low literacy in India. Our lovely country India don’t have any single national language like the way we don’t have any national religion, any national caste or any national dance. But we do have official language. Official language is one which is used…Continue Reading “Is English our official language?”


It is believed to be the oldest form of Indian dance which originated in Odisha. Archaeological evidences of this dance form dates back to 2nd century BCE are found in caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri near Bhubaneswar. Devadasis (Maharis) were the chief odissi dancers. Later a class of boys called Gotipuas also were trained in the art. Odissi mostly derives its theme from 12th century Gita Govinda by Jayadeva and closely follows the tenets laid by Bharata Muni’s Natyasastra. Generally, Ganesa is called upon to grant an auspicious beginning. An Odissi dancer is…Continue Reading “Classical Dances of India – Odissi”


Conversation ahead is in response to this video – Shashikant – Excellent. I thought exactly the way you did (probably intelligent people would have the same). War is not a solution at all. My few friends say that lets just launch few missiles and Pakistan would be a history but they don’t understand a war between the two would either the world war III or both the Nation becoming history. The science behind nuclear weapon is chain reaction and once initiated is very difficult to control. So the…Continue Reading “Why it is not the right time for India-Pakistan War”


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a very popular personality test which is taken by more than 2.5 million people a year and is used by 89 of the Fortune 100 companies. My experience with this test has culminated that the test is not accurate and misguide the people. A year back when I took this test from 16personalities website, I was an ENFP. It was when I was in my last year of graduation and we all know that last year of graduation is fun. Few months later,…Continue Reading “MBTI Personality Types classification is not accurate.”


India, a booming economy in today’s world has got the worldwide attention and appreciation. India’s GDP growth has grown from mere ₹2.7 Lakh crore to ₹ 57 Lakh crore since independence. Apart from being a leading economy, it has also improved in many sectors like education, food security, life style, health etc. Literacy rate of India grew from 12.5% in 1947 to 74.04% in 2011. So we can see that India is on the right track and moving with a good speed. With the growing population and their…Continue Reading “The Dark Side of Digital India Campaign”


  About National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) is a combined initiative of Ministry of Heavy Industry & Public Enterprises and Automobile industries. The Project aims at creating core global competencies in Automotive sector in India and facilitate seamless integration of Indian Automotive industry with the world as also to position the country prominently on the global automotive map.             India is signatory to UN Regulation on Harmonisation of Vehicle Specifications under WP-29 of 1998.   WP – 29 The World Forum for…Continue Reading “NATRiP”


When the headline of the news caught my attention, I breath a sigh of relief that finally Pokemon Go would be banned as it is becoming a problem in traffic. People walking blindfolded by the game are getting into accidents and creating other problems. Reading further, I slapped myself of thinking that “Indians could think logically”,, it is again the same religious shit so called “hurting the religious sentiments” they bring up every now and then. It would have been a proud moment if the…Continue Reading “Same Old Shit!”