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If I were a Girl

It has been a while since I wrote my last post. I was bit busy trying to get control of my life. So much has changed since the last time. I am no longer unemployed, I have got a job - a white collar job. (Ah! stop bragging). Thank you, Thank you for your wishes. Back to work, this post is about something every girl and boy, every men and women can relate to. (Stop guessing I said)

I have deleted my facebook account, yes permanently - it had been a lot of distraction. Came across an app called "Glynk" on google play store and amazed and excited by the its concept. Unlike Facebook which has become a platform of liking pics and sharing selfies, Glynk focuses on the similar interests. It lets you connect with the like-minded people around you. Suppose you are a movie freak, who could be a better match for you than another movie freak (Hey! it's not a dating site). 
Today at evening 6:48 PM, I created my account on it. At 6:51, I posted my first post about the book "The…

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