The joy of travelling alone

People likes to travel and most of them like travelling with their friends or family. Window seat gossips, uncontrolled eating, crazy pics etc seems a lots of fun. But travelling alone has its own joy and charm. Everyone might not like travelling alone just like not everyone is fan of our PM Modi, but I think one should give it a try sometimes.

Travelling alone is not always easy, it tests your patience, courage and willingness to adapt to situations outside your comfort zone. But despite challenges, it is a soul freeing exercise and teaches a lot to us.

Generally when we are with our friends or family, we are carefree but when we are alone we become self-conscious. We start to see things which earlier has escaped our eyes. We try to find meaning, imagine solutions, thinking out of the box. No wonder that most of the authors and writers do a lot of solo travel.

Since we are not occupied with our friends, we are more likely to meet new people. Meeting and seeing is different, when we are with our friends we do see people but we don’t meet them.Travelling alone gives us opportunity to meet them, listen to them and build public skills. People loves to talk, and when you are sitting on your seat looking outside some stranger might come sit next to you and start a wonderful conversation you would never forget. Meeting strangers is an exercise in itself, it teaches us how life works and what people are more enthusiastic about. While travelling alone you may meet a very interesting person with whom you may have life long friendship and this is only possible when you come out of your comfort zone and travel alone.

One of the best thing about travelling alone is that you get to know yourself better. You get to know who you are, what are your motivations and what are your weaknesses. It also offers you to correct and improve them. 
If you are a shy person I am sure you could relate to saying to your friend “Bhai tu puchle (Bro, you ask please)” while asking for an address from a stranger. But when you are alone, you are alone. No matter how uncomfortable the task be, if that is important then you would have to take the first step. There is no other shoulder you can pass this task to now. And these small things makes you a better person.  You will no longer be afraid of such kind of situations whether it is enquiring a train schedule on counter or asking for a lift.

I think everyone of us have so many good qualities within ourselves but due to this busy life we don’t get opportunity to show them. So many people like helping others but generally when they come across such situation they wait for someone else to take the first step. And as I have observed, we do it when we are with our family or friends. When you are not alone, seeing a disabled person crossing road you might feel from inside of helping him but you may not do – maybe because your friends might think you are doing it for showing them or for whatever reasons. But when you are alone, you don’t care because there is no one to observe you. You straightaway go and help people in need and when they give you blessings, that smile on your face could win the whole world.

Travelling alone frees yourself. You are free to do whatever you like, free to go wherever you like, free to eat what ever you like there is no “Let’s do this or that”, because you are alone. Often when we are travelling with our friends or family, we make compromises on so many things, like you may have to go to place you don’t like, you may have to sacrifice your best food because others wants to eat something else, you may have to wait because one of your friend has gone to loo. But when you are alone, you are free from all these. So travelling alone is a relaxing exercise, which at first might be little difficult but with more solo travel, you would definitely love it.

It is not that you should stop travelling along with your friends or family, all I want to say is that make it a habit of travelling alone sometimes.

Happy Solo travelling!!


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