Making a calculated food choice

Since childhood I have been fond of non-veg food especially mutton. I didn't like chicken much in those days but now I couldn't stop watering hearing the word. Indians are fond of non-veggie food against the generally held view. Some of the Indian families are strictly against the non-veggie food and couldn't even tolerate the sight of someone eating it in front of them. They tell their children to be away from it, but as people grow they set their own values and norms. I know so many people who belong to  a strictly vegetarian family but could gulp bowl after bowl of butter chicken. 

One of my friend was strict vegetarian until he met his first love. The girl was fond of non-vegetarian food. When they used go to a non-veg restaurant, she would eat like a horse and he would sit opposite wondering how could she swallow it down. Today that friend of mine couldn't resist salivating when he hear the word butter chicken or mutton curry. Recently they broke up, but she taught him to enjoy the world's wonderful food.

I have always been follower of science and whenever confronted with a problem try to solve it using scientific knowledge - so far as science is concerned oldest ancestors of human fed on animal flesh. Some of the religions (especially Hinduism) disregard this fact. Neither I nor you could know with cent percent what they fed upon so let it be. The question is do we still need meat for our survival or is it time to let it go?

I don't know - I could never know. All I could do is use science of deduction (yeah! Sherlock) to bring up some facts. Human being has been becoming more and more lazy with the passage of time. During the stone age he used to hunt animal for its survival. He used to a heavy physical work and at the end of the day used to eat the meat and replenish his body. The only tasks were taking care of his family, gathering food for family, reproduction and survival. The survival instinct in those time burnt a lot of energy and so needed a well nutritional food i.e meat (in that time).

In the present time, man has become a lazy animal. Work has shifted from physical to mental. He don't have to fight an elephant or hide inside a cave to survive. Life has become so much easy and so his body food requirement has also reduced. Lack of exercises, sitting jobs, AC rooms, social media, television has made him a box full of diseases. With such drastic changes in lifestyle, has our food also changed with time? yes indeed it has. People left non-veggie food (due to religious fear in most cases) and adopted vegetarian food. It was working all fine until the fast-food generation. Men started consuming more food than its body need. More oil than required and etc. This has resulted in the new diseases. In eighteenth century no one ever knew about diabetes but now it has became a major problem with even teenagers becoming diabetic.

The only solution to all this could be maintaining a balanced diet. That amount of food which just fulfills the need of person's body - no less no more (Gandhi's view). Should I give up my butter chicken then? Errr. Nah!! the next paragraph is all about it.

The main focus is that one should eat according to his body need. A coolie would require a different food than a person doing eight-hours sitting job. A child would require a different diet than an adult. A senior citizen would require different. Simple rule could be observe your lifestyle and chose a diet accordingly. A soldier on border would definitely require a high calorie diet (meat) for his body and that would do no harm to him, but that could  do cardiac problem to a person who rarely exercise and does a sitting job.

But in all one thing is clear, as the lifestyle has changed and become more and more lazy, it is better to slowly more towards less oil, less calorie and vegetarian diet with age and avoid fast food at all ages.

You can't give up butter chicken? No problem, all you need to do is to do more and more physical tasks. Join a gym and burn out that amount of calories you would gain eating a butter chicken. Or eat once a week or once a month - that's it problem solved.

I personally have changed my diet after reading My Experiments with Truth : Autobiography of M.K.Gandhi. One thing that I learned from the book is that eat just to survive. I have given up ghee in food, fast-foods, parathas etc and added fruits and salads to my diet. I have also developed habit of eating food on particular time and eating less which helped me in loosing extra fat and maintaining a healthy body. Of mutton and butter chicken I liked? I haven't completely given them up - once a month or two that's it. (it's the tongue you need to control)

"He who doesn't labour and yet eats, eats stolen food"- Mahatma Gandhi

Always remember, food has nothing to do with caste, colour or religion - but it has definitely to do with your body so make a calculated choice.

- Shashikant Singh


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